Propshowsal 21

  • We record our wedding on cassette tape and make new friends on the last day of class.
  • We finally uncover the secrets of the mysterious world of judgmental animals.
  • Ben goes for his driver’s license and can’t stop thinking about having sex with Wayne Gretzky.
  • We discover our partner’s real names and Ben show’s no emotion when his mind is being blown.
  • We have some of our favourite experiences ruined by traumatic incidents.
  • God, the Devil or Death is (unsuccessfully) trying to kill Vicki.

Track list

Bare Naked Ladies – One Week
Goldfinger – Wayne Gretzky
Mother Mother – Let’s Fall in Love
Classified feat. Saukrates & Skratch Bastid – Anything Goes
Neil Young – The Needle and the Damage Done
Jakalope – Pretty Life

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