Episode 52

  • Vicki tries to remember the name of the movie that’s about a planet of apes.
  • A friend leads the cops on a high-speed chase in an effort to get to work on time.
  • We ponder Ben’s dad’s favourite songs and his obsession with waterfalls.
  • Ben’s dad travels to Europe and has the epiphany that he should do his laundry.
  • We invent the late night DJ and super villain ‘The Bomb Knocker.’
  • We pitch the new TV show Surprise Surgery.
  • Ben admires the second best legs on reality TV.
  • While playing Zelda we begrudgingly do every menial chore in the land, despite being in the middle of saving the world.
  • The Mole is stealing our ideas.
  • Ben’s impression of a whale reminds Vicki of a post breakup voicemail.
  • We listen to depressing songs and get a speeding ticket on our Birthday.



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