Episode 53

  • We confuse George Orwell’s Animal Farm and the frat house comedy Animal House.
  • We analyse the lyrics of Taylor Swift’s ‘You Belong With Me’ and ponder if cheerleaders feel pain.
  • We list the reason’s why Jesus is the life of the party and great at limbo.
  • Ben relives his deadbeat dad gold rush experience and steals a lot of fake money.
  • Gross kinder kids scar Ben for life from eating pre-prepared fruit.
  • Stealing food has become Vicki’s ‘thing.’
  • We play a round of High School Guess Who.
  • We’re getting too cocky as a civilization if we’re spending our efforts on the Titantic II and bobble heads.
  • We examine our high school yearbook and get voted ‘most likely to not effect society in any meaningful way’.
  • We discuss schoolyard crushes and the differences between a man and a guy.



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