Episode 54

  • Vicki locks Ben in a Saw-like battle of insults with radio host Jules Lund.
  • Ben gets berated for rescuing a small child.
  • Ben inadvertently insults his girlfriend and gets infested with bugs.
  • We invent the term of ‘returners remorse’ and ponder how long you can hold a grudge over a bad breakup.
  • Vicki’s and her ex missed out on their last hurrah.
  • Vicki gets tricked into signing up for online dating.
  • Vicki’s Facebook statuses are too long and Ben’s new profile picture is drawing a lot of male attention.
  • Ben’s venture into the realm of online video games takes a very sexy turn.
  • Ben ‘juggles the situation’ at a party and has an encounter with a wasted wizard.
  • We pass ourselves off as Timomatic and Redfoo.


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