Episode 57

  • We call the sexy crimes division and report a mysterious strip club murder.
  • Platy the platonic life partner platypus gives us some advice on being stuck in the friend zone.
  • We discuss the entity that is ‘The Podcast.’
  • We add several extra fragrances to our air freshener.
  • We discuss why you should always befriend someone with psychic abilities.
  • We get our mind wiped after attending a Dave Matthews concert.
  • Vicki is invited to a seventeen hour moot court hearing.
  • Vicki texts us her daily ‘girlfriend selfie.’
  • We ponder why videogame enemies volunteer for such punishment.
  • We propose a resurgence of light up sneakers and curly laces.
  • We wonder whether Aiden watches Jodie pee or despite his psychic abilities he still shows some courtesy.
  • Ben is so obsessed with reality TV he’s addicted to a show in Grand Theft Auto.
  • Vicki could soon be faced with gift inequality shame. Ben’s colleague accidentally tortures a bird.


Hear the unedited version of this episode in our Beyond Two Souls, Let’s Play series.

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