Episode 59

  • Vicki ruins Ben’s sleep in and Vicki is training herself to sleep on planes.
  • Vicki is scared of a tiny radio turning on by itself in her shower.
  • Vicki’s brother’s newborn baby may be the reincarnation of her grandma.
  • We chalk the Pippi Longstocking sex tape up to bad parenting.
  • We go on a scavenger hunt for sexy Ellen Page photos.
  • We put on a magic show for our neighbours in an attempt to make some easy money.
  • We try to educate a classmate about the male period.
  • We hire Bradley Cooper to play Attractive Joe.
  • Our review of Beyond: Two Souls gets hung up on the interactive birthing scene.
  • Ice Cube time travels back to the Vietnam War and gets the term ‘G-Money’ to catch on.
  • We accidentally eat the drug laced necklace we’re trying to smuggle into Canada.
  • We let the Children of the Corn lose into the Big Brother house.

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