Episode 60

  • Ben challenges a fourteen year old to a duel of emotions.
  • Vicki’s friend’s mum could be mistaken for his fiancé.
  • Ben disputes his hair gel’s claim that ‘firm’ is stronger than ‘mega’.
  • Ben’s friends’ dads get irrationally angry at juice and squeaky floorboards.
  • Vicki goes on a ghost tour of her own bedroom and inspires some Rodgic… or something.
  • Ben is force-fed a pickle by an angry dad wielding a scalpel.
  • We’re called upon to clean up a friend’s sex dungeon.
  • Vicki is embarrassed by her resume and dismisses anyone named Summer.
  • We finally complete our re-evaluation of the Justice League by analyzing the Martian Manhunter.
  • We take a trip down to One Cheese Hill and make sure not to mess with our rival’s toothbrush.
  • Ben’s dentist tricks him into getting elective surgery. “In short – the dentist is bullshit!”
  • Vicki solves the problem of adding too much chili to a meal – nanobots!

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