Episode 62

  • Vicki gets a peak at old age and does not like what she see’s
  • Vicki downs a power laxative and crawls around in her own puke.
  • We clarify the rules on our most recent wager and Ben is haunted by his past cheapness.
  • We discuss Vicki’s fair weather vegetarianism.
  • Ben attempts to walk home from a wedding and instead winds up in an impromptu threesome.
  • We have a public argument and put on quite the spectacle for any onlookers.
  • Vicki wins a Golden Ticket to Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory and couldn’t be more unhappy.
  • Ben fears his work Christmas party will result in the death of thousands of fish or an influx of penguins.
  • Ben witnesses some white boy dancing and decides he needs a new move.
  • Ben takes the short cut home and ends up in Narnia, face to face with a llama.
  • We come up with a new book proposal after spending some quality ‘non-sexual couple time’ with our partner.
  • Vicki has visions of married life and Ben attempts to befriend the royal baby.

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