Episode 66

  • Vicki discovers she enjoys Eminem, now that he’s apologising and holding fancy dinner parties.
  • An irate Kanye West yells at Sway, Nike, a dead Walt Disney and anyone else who will listen.
  • We discuss the best and worst of breakfast radio and depress a lot of listeners.
  • We go on a wacky European vacation with our boyfriend and lover.
  • Vicki gets indoctrinated into the kikki.K cult and has a time bomb in her bed.
  • Scientists didn’t clone a dinosaur, presumably due to a lack of volleyballs.
  • Courtney Love becomes a private investigator and solves all of life’s great mysteries by watching Columbo and using Google Earth.
  • James Cameron risks his life to see all that nothing on the bottom of the ocean.
  • Racists plot to abuse Kanye West in hope of a big cash settlement.
  • Vicki accuses Ben of giving her video game blue balls.


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