Episode 67

  • Vicki buys new pants and Ben sacrifices his legs to save his groin.
  • Vicki wanders through the panties forest without feeling like a creep.
  • Ben peers through a two-way mirror and observes a new trend of people at the pool, not swimming.
  • Ben creeps himself out, attempting some bits looking.
  • Vicki goes to the bathroom and ‘has a think’.
  • We play devil’s advocate and ponder the validity the miracles of the recently canonised Saints.
  • Two men execute a ‘vampire gigolo’ in broad daylight. Vicki bleeds all over her Doctors office.
  • Ben’s friend pretends to be an American and his dad speaks fluent robot.
  • We discuss people who fuse to their furniture and those who enable them.
  • We ace a job interview by naming all seven dwarves and resembling a pineapple.
  • Vicki doesn’t answer the door and wonders whether that increases or decreases her chance of having her home invaded.

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