Episode 68

  • We breastfeed our kids in public and give them a sugar high.
  • Vicki flashes everyone at the train station.
  • Fifteen-year-old Ben almost watches a porno but instead sticks with the hit Martin Lawrence comedy, Blue Streak.
  • Ben loses his keys and starts questioning his sanity.
  • Rodney refuses to backtrack and we’re thankful he never became an airplane pilot.
  • We celebrate our fifth rambloversary by reminiscing about the origins of Insane Ramblings.
  • Ben questions the benefits of the crows nest on a ship.
  • We continue the rambloversary celebrations by hangin’ out by the sock in One Cheese Hill.
  • We analyse the latest trend of women hiding guns in their vaginas.
  • We uncover the origins of the sexy voice and Vicki comes around to the idea of wearing a backpack.


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