Episode 71

  • Vicki ponders whether she is getting away with her weight gain.
  • We switch bodies with the world’s fattest man.
  • We revel in a few Internet tales of Derek Jeter’s sexual prowess.
  • We use eyewitness accounts to create a CG model of Vicki’s naked body.
  • Ben’s family runs into an old naked woman in a hotel hallway.
  • Ben nearly drops his keys down the elevator shaft.
  • Ben invents a new game ‘What did Brendan buy?’
  • We become the premiere Heartbreak High destination after our recent t-shirt purchases.
  • Vicki’s recent thesis submission issues, reminds us of some other incidents of being screwed over.
  • Vicki makes a vow and we discuss fake authority overriding common sense.
  • The Drake and Jay-Z feud escalates as Major League Lacrosse is dragged into the fray.


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