Episode 73

  • Recount Dracula drops by to recap old Seinfeld episodes.
  • We try to decipher to the formula to Wes Anderson’s success.
  • Vicki thinks Redfoo and Ian Somerhalder’s latest escapades aren’t worthy of the celebrity gossip sites.
  • We attempt to determine what constitutes a ‘spree’!
  • Ben wears two odd shoes to school and is suddenly bombarded with shoe-based conversation.
  • Ben is taken aback by an older man’s icebreaker.
  • The Amazing Race’s Jono and Emily finally get to showcase their expert baboon carrying skills.
  • We delve into reality show history and admit to having dated Fabio.
  • Vicki requests Ben’s help in fleshing out her new reality show concept ‘The Spatula’.
  • Vicki takes up running in a big way and can’t stop bragging about it and drinking chocolate milk.
  • Vicki advises us why we shouldn’t stand next to overly attractive people.
  • Vicki is freaked out by a new vasectomy billboard and Ben suspects he’s as qualified as Dr. Mario.


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