Episode 74

  • Vicki tackles racism by holding a Friendship Festivus.
  • Vicki defends her sanity by attacking a hunchback.
  • Grandparents everywhere are being confused with Grandmaster Flash.
  • Ben gets tricked into rating his girlfriends attractiveness.
  • We get trapped in the recycling area and resign ourselves with the prospects of being trash people.
  • Ben’s fights some fake trees as his apartment gets turned into a tiki bar themed hotel.
  • Vicki’s great grandma liked to mess with her war hero husband.
  • We ponder how we would have faired in the wild west.
  • We attend the comedy festival and smile on the inside.
  • We admire our friends MS Paint skills in our latest trip to One Cheese Hill.
  • Vicki invents a social network for the animals of the African Savanna.
  • The armless contestant on If You Are The One is as talented and picky as all the others.


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