Episode 77

  • We spy on our very boring neighbours.
  • Vicki brings her dad up to speed on sexting.
  • Ben takes selfie’s for forty minutes, while Vicki refuses on the grounds that her friends already know what she looks like.
  • We ponder the life of the girl next door.
  • Ben laments the difficulties of trying to find a new housemate who pays rent but never moves in.
  • We tackle a new mathematical get rich quick scheme.
  • Ben finds a secret stash of tampons in his bedroom.
  • Ben ignores his uncle’s advice not to run and injures himself.
  • Vicki showers with the blinds open.
  • The tropical judge is starting rumours about his relative’s gay trysts.
  • A tired Ben mistakes his alarm for a phone call from his sister’s boyfriend.
  • We instantly regret taking a trip down to One Cheese Hill.


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