Episode 78

  • Vicki is too qualified for menial jobs and not qualified enough for the good ones.
  • Ben plays Khaleesi and listens to the pleas of his loyal subjects.
  • Ben hires a bartending elephant and a waterslide buddy.
  • Ben finds a purse and starts thinking like a criminal mastermind.
  • Brendan announces his departure, so we play another round of What did Brendan buy?
  • Vicki asks the question ‘Do I have crazy eyes?’
  • Ben is being haunted by a clock-hating ghost.
  • We take a $900 Uber ride home and ask the internet for help.
  • We get an update on the girl next door.
  • We deal with the gift voucher CONtract and start a new time travelling movie review business.
  • Vicki asks Ben whether he would consider making her his island bride.


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