Episode 81

  • We give the Kanye West Christmas album, Kreezus a spin to kick off the show.
  • Vicki gets quizzed by the Doctor.
  • Vicki is incapacitated for two days after rocking out too hard.
  • Vicki’s brother writes to dinosaurs and Ben receives a very impersonal Christmas card.
  • Ben wishes a nautical farewell to his co-workers.
  • Ben goes undercover in an attempt to catch an egg throwing, tennis hater.
  • Vicki plays a dating simulation and just like real life, pushes all the men away.
  • Ben goes for a swim and wonders why he’s being talked to, if he’s not being hit on.
  • We go bird watching and lock eyes with Bunny on the toilet.
  • Vicki’s finds her ‘friendship soul mate.’


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