Episode 86

  • We order pizza from the world’s quietest deliveryman.
  • Vicki is on the lookout for shower timer spy cameras.
  • Ben ponders why all DJ’s come from France and we sing along to dance music.
  • We contemplate how much of our memory we would give up in exchange for a conversation with David Attenborough.
  • We pit Vicki’s glassblowing friend against Arnold Schwarzenegger in a competition for the world’s most interesting man.
  • Ben makes a saucy first impression and lets a festival weirdo go.
  • A crazy homeless woman moves into Vicki’s apartment complex.
  • Ben and Vicki are wasting kismet.
  • The X-Factor New Zealand judges find their niche by accusing contestants of murder.
  • Johnny Depp cleverly exchanges love for alcohol.


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