Episode 89

  • We explore the cultural eccentricities of our hot foreign friends.
  • Vicki visits a sinkhole and tries to sell energy to the mole people.
  • We dabble in snake charming before being interrupted by Bunny & Sparkles.
  • Ben gets a new roommate and remembers his old one.
  • We have class outside and play dubstep backwards in Boss Chat.
  • Julian misses the big family news by avoiding social media.
  • We don our fat suits as we take one last trip to the Divorce Court.
  • Vicki dwells on the fact that she has become the office ‘buttinski’.


Brendan’s last day


Tonight on a very special episode of Apartment 1901, we say goodbye to an old friend.

Posted by Ben Moore on Sunday, May 10, 2015

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