Episode 91

  • Vicki gets caught up in some corporate espionage.
  • Ben attempts to get to the truth of Vicki’s leg injury.
  • Ben visit’s the doctor for the first time since birth.
  • A sleep deprived Ben gets stuck in an eternal checkout line.
  • Vicki and Rodney lament the Crap Marple/Good Marple divide.
  • Vicki’s having a week of wardrobe malfunctions.
  • Vicki goes to great lengths to conceal the fact that she has a period from her father.
  • Vicki feints into her own vomit.
  • Vicki goes to Teppanyaki with her bit on the side.
  • Ben gets his wisdom teeth out and we discover new ways to die.
  • We attend our high school reunion and Vicki harasses Ben’s doppelgänger.
  • Vicki makes a friend.


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