Rerun 1

  • Episode 60 – Ben is force-fed a pickle by an angry dad wielding a scalpel.
  • Get Cereal: Day 2 – Ben observes the mating habits of spiders and it turns out they don’t duplicate like Borg.
  • Episode 45 – Vicki gets very immature when visiting the famous Mepubes Avenue.
  • Episode 23 – Ben and Natasha sleep with a parrot called Mr Herpes and Ben dreams of his soulmate. Himself.
  • Episode 65 – We beg Miranda Kerr to take a break from posting topless photos to contact her family.
  • The Propshowsal 17 – Ben’s sister has an exorcism on the plane ride home from Cambodia.
  • Episode 76 – Ben falls down a storm water drain.
  • Episode 21 – We contemplate whether in a world without faces, if Ben would be a boobs or butt man.


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