Rerun 2

  • Episode 79 – The new neighbours put on a show.
  • The Propshowsal 25 – Ben poetically wishes his mother a happy mothers day.
  • Episode 64 – We have a very impersonal discussion with ‘news person’ and ponder why Drake is shitting on the low.
  • Episode 12 – Craig’s segment: We topple the laughing wizard’s stack of cats.
  • The Propshowsal 12 – We re-enact a scene from the film classic Memoir’s of a Geezer.
  • Episode 55 – DJ Nu Diggs swears out of nervousness.
  • Episode 57 – We call the sexy crimes division and report a mysterious strip club murder.
  • Episode 8 – Vicki’s dad scores a ‘float on’ part on Sea Patrol.
  • Episode 62 – Ben takes the short cut home and ends up in Narnia, face to face with a llama.
  • Episode 45 – Ben forgets how to start the show.


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