Rerun 3

  • Episode 73 – Recount Dracula drops by to quiz us in the elevator.
  • Propshowsal 18 – Ben attends the Oscars and visits the moon with Jennifer Lawrence.
  • Episode 82 – Ben’s neighbours ring in the New Year, the only way they know how.
  • Episode 59 – We speculate about the true cause of the zombie outbreak in 28 Days Later.
  • Episode 78 – Ben hires a bartending elephant and a waterslide buddy.
  • Propshowsal 30 – Ben goes crazy on holiday, takes up reading and cries in front of his classmates.
  • Episode 30 – Craigs segment is presented by a guy who doesn’t know the word ‘kittens’.
  • Episode 74 – We get trapped in the recycling area and resign ourselves with the prospects of being trash people.
  • Tokyo Slumber Party 2 – We shimmy towards a cure for AIDS.


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