Rerun 5

  • Propshowsal 34 – We try to get a listener in trouble with his bitch wife.
  • Episode 63 – Ben’s dream is interrupted when he’s taken on a d-tour.
  • Episode 16 – Ben fails at laundry and Vicki washes her dishes in the sea.
  • Episode 66 – An irate Kanye West yells at Sway, Nike, a dead Walt Disney and anyone else who will listen.
  • Propshowsal 29 – We musically dispute Usher’s claim that there’s ‘So many way’s to love you’ and Vicki’s brother’s celebrity paperboy has his back.
  • Episode 38 – Ben walks into the hall of mirrors and stumbles across too much penis.
  • Episode 73 – The Amazing Race’s Jono and Emily finally get to showcase their expert baboon carrying skills.
  • Episode 16 – Ranger Vicki will put a severed loaf of bread in your bed. It says so in the cryptic newspaper.
  • Propshowsal 8 – A sick Ian McKellen drops by the studio to propose to Ben.
  • Episode 56 – Vicki serenades us with a rendition of ‘One More Night’.


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