Rerun 7

  • Episode 74 – Ben’s fights some fake trees as his apartment gets turned into a tiki bar themed hotel.
  • Propshowsal 21 – Ben goes for his driver’s license and can’t stop thinking about having sex with Wayne Gretzky.
  • Episode 81 – Ben goes undercover in an attempt to catch an egg throwing, tennis hater.
  • Episode 46 – Ben’s dad taught himself to eat olives in the Israeli desert.
  • Episode 81 – Vicki’s brother writes to dinosaurs and Ben receives a very impersonal Christmas card.
  • Episode 55 – Our friends are breeding a race of orangutan-rats that will surely enslave us all.
  • Episode 70 – Ben can’t sleep because he’s too busy devising terrible TV shows.
  • Episode 54 – ‘She ate my soul and pooped my bones.’
  • Episode 83 – Ben celebrates his new favourite listener who helped him prove a point.
  • Episode 62 – Ben attempts to walk home from a wedding and instead winds up in an impromptu threesome.
  • Episode 85 – Ben attends a brainstorm session by the sea and is tortured with other people’s fun.
  • Propshowsal 8 – We butcher Radiohead’s Creep.


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