Episode 100

  • Bunny & Sparkles leave the building.
  • We take the glossary quiz and reminisce about ‘lies of convenience’ and Living with Brad.
  • We chat to Charlotte about her buried treasure.
  • Ranger Vicki teaches us about a crime busting parrot.
  • Craig’s Segment keeps us informed of the latest in duck based party games.
  • We continue the glossary quiz as we discuss ‘dibs anarchy’ and Ben’s preferred standing position.
  • What’s My Story takes us down the road of all things genitalia and impressive crime sprees.
  • We chat to Kirsty and finally get to the bottom of ‘the story fake out’.
  • We chat to Mason and play Smith, Smith, Smith or The Smiths.
  • We plug our iPhones into Cyborg as we reevaluate the Justice League.
  • We chat to Curt about the recent proliferation of Drazic Park tee’s.
  • We return to Syn City with ‘A long awaited proposal.’
  • We shoot a few criminals into the sun as we revisit One Cheese Hill.
  • Rodney takes issue with the lack of criminals being caught on The Killing.


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