Episode 103

  • Vicki doesn’t know how to hug people.
  • Ben reflects on a failed high school hug.
  • Toronto demands Drake perform at the NBA All-Star game and open a hospital and…
  • We hand out keys to the city and then sell them on eBay.
  • The truth about the milk thief comes to light.
  • Vicki has a craving for fish and chips and then remembers she’s a vegetarian.
  • Ben does the responsible thing when it comes to medical issues and performs a self diagnoses online.
  • Music causes Ben to feel a rare moment of emotion and Vicki to reflect on her life.
  • Vicki laughs so hard she throws up.
  • Vicki has an emotional reaction to the Lukas Graham’s song ‘7 Years’.


Videos referenced in this episode

Marissa shoots Trey on The O.C

Jimmy (Drake) gets shot on Degrassi

Red haired kid singing at the traffic lights

Fast and Furious kid singing at red light

When you hit your toe

South Park’s dolphinplasty


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