Episode 105

  • Vicki refuses to pay for tacos.
  • Young Vicki accidentally dials 000 and silently awaits her fate.
  • Ben finally realises adults are real people and Vicki knows a lot about Antarctica.
  • Vicki is using one article she read on the Maasai Mara tribes people to seem smart.
  • Ben gets an F on his science project, which inspires a dis track about his teacher.
  • Vicki wow’s her co-workers with her bad Photoshop skills.
  • Ben attends the comedy festival and doesn’t run into the enigma that is Fox Klein.
  • Ben makes some fast friends and almost ends up dead or in bed with them.
  • Vicki gets shamed for not replying to a Birthday message.
  • We discuss our favourite obscure quotes and how great the movie Hot Rod is.
  • Ben attends a Demetri Martin show with a very polite crowd.
  • We get overwhelming praise, just for doing our jobs.
  • Ben delves into the aftermath of admitting to having bought expensive sheets.
  • Ben runs late for work so he can chat up a girl on the train.
  • Ben’s friends and family, keep literally bumping into celebrities.
  • Vicki encounters an ambitious first date move.


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