Episode 107

  • Vicki feels success in her waters.
  • We do some celebratory housekeeping (a.k.a champagne showers).
  • The prestigious @BrashsAustralia reach out to us.
  • Vicki is relieved to be equally as unsuccessful as her peers.
  • We plan our retirement.
  • Vicki writes a very boring play based on AC/DC’s Thunderstruck.
  • We lie about our age to get on to a Chinese dating show.
  • Ben discovers he has ‘more face’ than he did at twenty.
  • Ben’s uncovers his wife’s seedy side business.
  • Keith Powell from 30 Rock follows us on Twitter.
  • Ben accidentally gives the listeners a brief respite from our usual nonsense.
  • Ben makes a powerful enemy in China.
  • Michael Che has an epiphany about the N-Word.


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