Episode 113

  • Waterworld underperforms at the box office because it’s sunny outside.
  • We make a hundred-million-dollar film out of spite and sign some unknown artists to our record label.
  • We struggle to watch ninety’s films on a plane and Ben admits to never having seen The Shawshank Redemption.
  • We give Johnny Depp a CGI shirt and a novelisation of Kevin James’ Zookeeper.
  • We attempt to determine the most topical war.
  • Vicki and Rodney sit down to an uncomfortable screening of Concussion.
  • Rodney realises he’s the DUFF. The Bachelor Australia makes a triumphant use of ‘the drone’.
  • We throw a microwave or two in Divorce Court.
  • Vicki’s impeccable fashion sense leads to all her pants being stolen.
  • Ben is relieved to discover he’s not the only one in his family who hasn’t physically assaulted a celebrity.
  • Macklemore tosses a cookie over the audience.
  • Ben gives his sister a review of The Neon Demon and she nearly throws up.


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