Episode 116

  • Vicki gets a flat tire, repossesses an airplane and watches whatever’s on.
  • Ben helps destroy his ex-girlfriend’s car.
  • Ben’s got his eye on a real man’s antlers and once built a chicken coop.
  • Ben has an epiphany about the rambloversary and attempts to rewrite history.
  • Ben makes a futile attempt to get to Glenferrie train station.
  • Ben tries to pay in cash and gets a bunch of dirty looks.
  • Vicki buys some jeans for 10 percent on.
  • Ben is in the midst of an investigation involving Roald Dahl and the lost art of trout tickling.
  • We mentally replay Robin Hood: Men in Tights and think about dragons to get to sleep.
  • Ben takes Roald Dahl to task on the correlation between burping and flying in his works.
  • Vicki doesn’t want to admit she’s friends with her coffee guy.


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