Episode 118

  • Vicki declares apple juice to be the most feminine of the juices.
  • Vicki proves how far women will go for chocolate.
  • We get into the erotic literature game by teaming up some cyber hacking demon babes with James Bond’s Oddjob.
  • Ben’s facial recognition abilities get tested once again.
  • We share our medical records and have the ‘I’m nuts’ conversation with our new partners.
  • Ben discovers an old video game based on the lesser of the Dakotas.
  • A young Ben exploits the Earn and Learn system by selling houses and doing heists.
  • A young Vicki fights for her right to party.
  • Ben hatches a musical chairs inspired revenge plot.
  • We play a game of What’s Brendan Buying?
  • We do a quick analysis of Smash Mouth.
  • Vicki jumps on the Ken Bone bandwagon.
  • Vicki can’t stand the pun pressure.


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