Episode 123

  • We perform a few verses from our upcoming Christmas album.
  • Ben takes issue with Jingle Bells’ ‘one horse open sleigh’.
  • Vicki initiates a new segment ‘Barely a Topic’ where we discuss Get Smart and Home Alone.
  • Vicki recounts the plot of made for TV classic, A Mom for Christmas.
  • Vicki is the star of the show and Ben co-stars with Shaun the Sheep in their Christmas pageants.
  • We take an ad break for a word from ‘The Hobby Summary Service.’
  • Ben stumbles upon a very awkward end of year breakfast.
  • Sonny Blake rises up the ranks to become the Bob Hope of our generation.
  • We take another ad break to hear about an amazing new product ‘The Claw.’
  • Ranger Vicki regales us with a tale of a parrot and a very language conscious murder victim.
  • Ben witnesses a fight at the pool and karma in action.
  • We discuss bar ordering etiquette.
  • We hear from the final sponsor of the show ‘The Ben’.
  • Kirsty gets stood up in the latest installment of The Kirsty Experiment.


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