Episode 124

  • We have some ‘Type 2 fun’ as we get held hostage in a theme park.
  • Ben uproots his life to become a dairy farmer and live out his days in a world without basil.
  • Ben goes on a Travis Scott inspired rant at his concert.
  • Ben gets pressured into an expensive skin care regime while getting his phone fixed.
  • Ben gets an awkward phone call from a prospective car insurer.
  • Ben goes on the hunt for the culprit who brought L.A Ice to his New Years party.
  • We take a moment to hear from our new sponsor ‘Authentic Knock-Off Ray-Bans’.
  • Ben struggles to maintain a natural smile when taking family photos.
  • We hear from another sponsor ‘Crazy Craig’s Kidney Emporium.’
  • Vicki leaves Ben alone in the corner of a bar, eating chicken wings like a creep.

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