Episode 126

  • Vicki nailed dinner and is in a good mood for the first time ever.
  • Ben visits his local pizza place and assumes the alias Den.
  • We play another round of ‘What’s Brendan Buying?’
  • Cleopatra drinks an earring and we explore the history of baseball.
  • Ben attends a job interview as a Steve Irwin obsessed biographer.
  • We aspire to be unregistered nurses as we analyse the jobs of this seasons bachelorettes.
  • Ben tries to wow Vicki, the new Bachelorette.
  • Ben gives Vicki a The Spark inspired quiz to find her ideal man.
  • We reminisce about going caving in school and all the other things that kids wouldn’t be allowed to do these days.
  • Kirsty represents mushroom pride in the latest instalment of The Kirsty Experiment.


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