Episode 130

  • On Easter Monday we remember the story of how Jesus brought the chickens back from extinction.
  • We don our tin foil hats and become flat-Earther’s, witness Justin Bieber’s transformation from man to beast and turn a few frogs gay.
  • Vicki’s escape room experience triggers Rodney’s extra sensory perception.
  • Rodney makes a pledge to never be caught without soap again.
  • A grumpy stranger pays for Ben’s groceries and upsets the karmic balance.
  • We continue to plot our worm burgling escapades.
  • We establish the etiquette of airport queueing and reclining.
  • Ben travels to the Middle East and takes the law into his own hands.
  • Ben gets woken up at 5:30am to get reminded that God loves Coke.
  • Ben takes a long walk to dinner and a tumble on the slopes.
  • We establish proper door knocking etiquette.


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