Episode 131

  • Vicki and her brother race to the microwave.
  • Ben charts the evolution of the entire The Fast and The Furious franchise.
  • We advocate for better fat jokes
  • Vicki visits Thailand and it’s perverted monkeys.
  • Vicki disputes the scientific value of Bill Nye’s musical guest.
  • Vicki witnesses a group of old women having the time of their lives.
  • Ben is now deeper in karmic debt at his local supermarket.
  • We campaign for Australia to adopt ‘the button system’ in bars and crosswalk countdowns.
  • Ben dines out on an exotic Dubai Big Mac and Vicki can’t find a milkshake in France.
  • We drop by the post office and impulse purchase a drone.
  • Vicki watches the depressing half of Hacksaw Ridge and Ben watches a guy fight with his in-flight entertainment.
  • Vicki buys bathers from a woman who doesn’t understand haggling and we struggle with tipping.
  • Vicki gets caught in the perfect storm and Ben regrets not wearing better underwear.


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