Episode 133

  • Vicki has foolishly been put in charge of looking after Ben’s cat.
  • Vicki catches Ben’s housemate in an awkward situation.
  • Ben’s dad wears a towel on weekends, so he’s always ready for duty.
  • Vicki is (very distant) heir to the Scottish throne and the power of Ben’s barony goes to his head.
  • Ben makes a PSA for the second annual activate your read notifications day.
  • Ben attempts to get to the bottom of the Petscop mystery.
  • Lonelygirl15 betrays our trust.
  • Vicki witnesses a police officer breaking the law and instigates the purge.
  • Alex Jones’ attempts to prove he’s not crazy by doing some crazy shit.
  • Kirsty goes out with a guy who has too many sons in The Kirsty Experiment.


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