Episode 137

  • Ben does some birthday shout outs.
  • The citizens of Centralia, Pennsylvania search for the heaviest, sluttiest woman amongst them.
  • Aliens enslave humanity and force us to become jesters or gladiators.
  • Vicki wants everyone to lay off the future.
  • Ben enlists the help of a giant gummy python to celebrate his 30th.
  • We drink Alex Mack’s milk.
  • Ben might be celebrating Festivus.
  • We advise the cast of The Bachelorette to keep an eye on the Tickle Monster.
  • Vicki wants to spend a day with left shark.
  • Vicki discovers she knows way too much about New York crime in the eighties.
  • We reminisce about all our time greatest trampoline injuries.
  • Vicki gets pretty thirsty in the new segment, You Autocomplete Me.


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