Episode 138

  • Thomas the Tank Engine is creepily following Ben’s friends around at night.
  • Vicki flies to Africa and immediately loses her luggage.
  • Vicki gets proposed to by a man who has the stringent requirements of ‘white wife’.
  • Vicki visits the ‘not the biggest but still pretty big’ Victoria Falls.
  • Vicki finds the world’s most exclusive nightclub.
  • Vicki shines a torch in a lion’s eyes to determine whether or not it’s a lion.
  • Vicki checks into her hotels iguana room.
  • Vicki visits the protected forest where the punishment fits the crime.
  • Vicki meets a witch doctor who tries to sell her a love potion and predict her future.
  • Vicki passes the time by watching a man get hit by a bus.
  • Vicki is forced to become a morning person.
  • Erica might be dead.
  • CarCast: Ben doesn’t know what car he drives.

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