Episode 147

  • We use Mentos to cure Godzilla’s gingivitis.
  • Vicki tries to segregate the office Christmas party.
  • Vicki visits the zoo and has to coax the red panda back into its enclosure.
  • Ben misses out on MC Dusk and starts leaking enthusiasm after the support act.
  • Ben becomes the Jenga hero and does his time at the company Christmas party.
  • Ben doesn’t understand the Christmas mall photo craze.
  • We take a stroll through ‘the forgotten banger hallway’.
  • Ben reveals the secret of the McNugget.
  • Snow White falls in love with a spider and we stand up for the seven dwarves.
  • We ask the question ‘What’s in the passenger seat of Vicki’s car?’
  • Kirsty spends an afternoon with a ‘stinky, sweaty man’ in another instalment of The Kirsty Experiment.


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