Episode 161

  • Ben’s new haircut is minutes (and not hours) old.
  • Ben visits his friends new baby before popping in to the strippers.
  • Vicki’s got a new Hawaiian shirt and is ready for any impromptu luau’s.
  • We reminisce about the childhood games we were forced to invent.
  • We ponder why our parents forbade us from having the light on in the car.
  • Ben reviews his new hairdresser.
  • We attempt to casually bring up sexy facts in conversation without sounding like you’re hitting on someone.
  • The antagonist in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom gets annoyed because the dinosaurs are running late.
  • We discuss celebrity weight gain and that time Keanu Reeves ate a sandwich.
  • Ben makes his third annual ‘Activate Your Read Receipts Day’ PSA.
  • Ben’s stashing Doritos in his mailbox.


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