Episode 173

  • Ben thinks the show Naked Attraction might be a sign of the impending apocalypse.
  • Vicki attends a friend’s housewarming, but the real party is across the street.
  • Ben has another encounter with the homeless guy in the park.
  • Vicki thinks her boyfriend is being possessed by a ghost with a passion for hiking.
  • We clarify the Chris Judd and Christopher Judge hair situation.
  • Ben has an altercation with the security guard at his apartment.
  • Vicki reviews Mortal Engines and Ben tries to make sense of The Purge series.
  • We reminisce about the eighties, when kids’ movies weren’t afraid to traumatise their audience.
  • Christmas music makes Mariah Carey rich and Ben cry.
  • Serial teaches us that crime is a young man’s game.


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