Episode 174

  • The impending heatwave is the ‘talk of the town’.
  • Ben wonders if our ‘What’s up everyone’ intro is too YouTube.
  • We dissect the cryptic lyrical genius of The Red Hot Chili Peppers and Lady Gaga.
  • We attempt to dissect Kanye West’s poopity scoops and his feud with Drake.
  • We let off some steam on gym people and beach people.
  • Life in 2018 is about share house living and virtual reality lightsabers.
  • Ben’s grandma refuses to consume anything except Sprite.
  • Vicki misses the New Year because she’s busy curing diseases.
  • Ben tears up at Lana Del Rey and gets accused of having a secret girlfriend.
  • Vicki is reigning in her crying because she’s realised it affects other people.
  • We discuss Vicki’s fear of spiders and stairs.
  • Vicki gets the reassuring diagnosis that she’s not going to die ‘tonight’.


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