Episode 178

  • An autocorrect mishap forces us to choose between a massive line, lube or luge.
  • We ponder whether doing the ‘pee dance’ actually helps.
  • We design our childhood dream house and visit Google for a slide.
  • Vicki gets goaded into an elaborate work birthday party.
  • We embarrass ourselves failing at basic physical skills.
  • Vicki comes to the aid of a long line of public bathroom patrons.
  • Ben attends Saint Kilda Fest and witnesses some prime examples of good and bad line etiquette.
  • Vicki tries to break into Ben’s mum’s neighbours house.
  • We hold a mock trial for R. Kelly.
  • Ben asks whether it’s petty to tell someone they’re fucking with your iCalendar?
  • We struggle to promote the podcast and Ben becomes a bear, while recording promos.


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