Episode 181

  • Ben pitches his latest cooking show ‘Awesome Sauce’.
  • Ben proposes a way to avoid ordering emasculating cocktails.
  • We deal with roving performers and reignite the age old ‘magician’s versus parking inspectors’ debate.
  • We eagerly await the self-driving car and it’s built in vomit detectors.
  • We chastise murderers for ruining everything and The FaceTime bandit devises the perfect alibi.
  • We have the final word on the McDonald’s frozen Fanta and Subway’s aroma mystery.
  • Ben is recruited as an impromptu security guard at Download Festival.
  • Vicki experiences her fifteen minutes of fame as her Eddie Maguire Facebook comment goes viral and we discuss Jussie Smollett’s unusual approach to getting a raise.
  • We make a plea to the island nations of the world to listen to listen to Insane Ramblings.
  • Vicki devises a way to get out of her head and listen to audiobooks in the pool.


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