Episode 182

  • We debate ketchup vs tomato sauce.
  • Ben anxiously receives a giant alien head as an early birthday present.
  • Ben asks his single friends’ which side of the bed they sleep on and Vicki wants adult bunk beds.
  • Vicki sweats Ben out with her bad text message etiquette.
  • Robert Smith of The Cure gives an enthusiastic Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction speech.
  • The Coachella crowds struggle to react to Ben’s bad news.
  • John Lithgow’s performance in Pet Sematary inspires Vicki’s new podcast ‘Live criticisms of every episode of 3rd Rock From The Sun’.
  • Vicki brainstorms the best passive aggressive gifts for people you don’t like.
  • The milk thief strikes again.
  • Ben’s building manager is resorting to bullying to try and get people to recycle.



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