Episode 184

  • Ben faces a dilemma at the pool.
  • Vicki quizzes Ben on his ‘Benventions’.
  • Podcast Spin-off: My Dad Didn’t Write A Porno.
  • Celebrity Heads: Round 1.
  • We discuss the NXIVM cult and what it would be like to have Allison Mack in your university class.
  • Our university lecturers have some interesting reactions to music.
  • Celebrity Heads: Round 2.
  • Podcast Spin-off: The Ben Moore Experience.
  • Ben pitches his new NXIVM inspired self-help group.
  • Vicki is going on a five-day silent retreat, which inspires our new reality show ‘My Personality Rules’.
  • Podcast Spin-off: Missing Richard Nixon.
  • Vicki wishes Julian a very premature happy birthday.
  • Celebrity Heads: Round 3.


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