Episode 188

  • We ponder if you were never born, can you still accumulate debt?
  • We ask if there’s anything better than a free chip?
  • We discuss the origins of banana flavoured lollies and why Vicki hates teeth candy.
  • Vicki’s teaches Ben how to feed a sick girlfriend.
  • Ben observes the differences between Brisbane and Melbourne / oBikes and Lime Scooters.
  • Ben is unimpressed by the Tiger Air customers and their expensive handbags.
  • We add the introspective holiday of Failsgiving to the Insane Ramblings calendar.
  • Ben struggles to buy a Coke in Brisbane after 8pm.
  • We gloat about living in the city while indulging in some late-night frozen yogurt.
  • We revisit the topics of school underwear checks and contemplating one’s own existence.


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