Episode 191

  • Ben attends the Boomers vs USA basketball game and Russell Crowe isn’t happy.
  • We discuss why tickets to Hugh Jackman’s stage show are the perfect gift for your X-Men loving grandson.
  • We debate whether Hugh Jackman was teased in high school.
  • Ben has a question about the rules of ticket gifting etiquette.
  • Vicki forgets Julian’s birthday (despite several months of reminders).
  • Ben sits next to a weird kid on the tram and Chad Michael Murray comes to visits Vicki in the night.
  • We revisit the Disneyland FastPass situation and pretend to need a wheelchair.
  • Vicki’s got a new phone and a habit of oversharing with her co-workers.
  • Ben is now Facebook friends with Vicki’s boyfriend, so they know if she’s dead.
  • Ben is unimpressed by the ‘As Seen on TV’ sticker on his new frying pan.


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